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Medical or pharmaceutical research

Where the subject matter and terminology is highly specialised.

Transcription Services

Whatever you are looking for in a transcription service, you have come to the right place.  Our bespoke service is tailored to your needs, so whether it’s a good deal on a large project or  just a one-off we can accommodate your requirement.

Our team of UK-based transcriptionists are all highly skilled an experienced and have their own specialities. We understand that accuracy is vital so our standards are high, and the team deliver to those standards.

Process and turnaround

•  Process - Recordings are transcribed and proofread (including look-ups) by an experienced transcriptionist, and then checked again by a member of our QA team as standard, to ensure transcripts are as accurate and complete as possible.

•  Turnaround - We aim to return transcripts within 3 working days of receipt (subject to schedule). Same day, overnight, 24-hour, 48-hour services also available (subject to schedule).  Larger projects will be returned on an as-completed basis, within agreed deadlines.

Standard or verbatim

... we like to keep things simple

•  Standard transcription - accurately records the conversation excluding ums, uhs, stutters, excessive superfluous use of ‘you know’ etc, (though these are always included if pertinent to the conversation) giving an accurate, easy to read record of the conversation.

•  Verbatim transcription - everything recorded word for word, including ums, uhs, stutters, etc, and with descriptive notations where appropriate and time-coding where required.

‘Challenging’ recordings

... poor recording or strong accents

•  Strong accents - We all have our own view on ‘difficult’ accents, maybe where English is not the first language, and what’s difficult for one person may not be for another.  

•  Poor recording - The recording environment can make a huge difference to the sound quality of a recording, which in turn may affect the quality of the transcript.

All recordings are assessed on receipt and, if found to be ‘challenging’, are transcribed once a price has been agreed.

Specialist areas

Broadcast Media transcription

With options for levels of timecoding and script production.

Other services

... the complete transcription package

•  Text to speech - reports, minutes, documents etc rendered from written/typed/file copy to mp3, audiocassette or CD for visually impaired.
•  Copy typing - Word or pdf document rendered from hand written or typed copy.
•  Questionnaire/survey design - bespoke questionnaires designed, printed, mailed and database entry.
•  Analogue to digital - analogue recordings rendered to digital format.

Project Management

We manage your transcription process so you don’t have to.

PACE or Under Caution interviews

Following PACE guidelines in accordance with MG standards.