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Transcription Costs and Pricing

Our transcription service is bespoke and tailored to your needs, so final cost will depend on the type and volume of transcribing required, clarity of recordings, accents involved, format of recordings, and level of technicality of content.

Prices start at £0.90 per audio minute for clearly recorded, single speaker dictation. One-to-one interview transcription starts at £1.00 per audio minute.  More complex recordings, such as focus groups, PACE or Under Caution Interviews, multiple speaker ID, are assessed on an individual basis and rates may vary between orders. Get an accurate quote for your project here.

All prices are exclusive of UK VAT, payable at 20%. Some overseas clients may be exempt, please contact for details.

We realise price is so important these days, particularly to charities, universities and academics who rely so heavily on grants and funding, so we structure our service to give the opportunity for savings to be made.

Quality and value for money

We don’t compromise quality to offer value for money.  Proofreading by your transcriptionist and then further proofreading/editing by a quality manager of the JHTS team is included as standard, giving the most accurate and complete transcripts possible.

Enhancements to the basic transcription service are also available, including, but not limited to, time-coding, verbatim transcription, discourse analysis transcription, medical/technical transcription, summary transcription.

Please note: whilst every endeavour is made to ensure accuracy and completeness, final proofreading is the responsibility of the client.