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Roy Shelton, General Manager

Founded in 1990 by Jackie Hall, JHTS has built a reputation as one of the leading audio transcription suppliers in the UK.  I became a partner in 2003.  2016 opened up with JHTS entering a new phase.  Jackie felt confident she could leave JHTS in safe hands and so decided to retire at the end of 2015.


“I’d strongly favour JHTS, as the quality and accuracy of their work is consistently good.”  Words from a university professor.  No name put to the quote because confidentiality is important to JHTS.

Data is held securely at all times.   Everything held by us is encrypted on EU-based servers.  Transcripts can be sent by normal email or secure email.   Encrypted email means the client is the only one who has access to that confidential transcript.  Safe in the knowledge the client’s important transcript cannot be read by anyone else.  

“I was really pleased with the transcripts and have recommended your service again this week.”  Further words from another client. Recommendation has been important in our growth over the last 25 years and will be continue to be important for the next few years.  

Try us and see what you think.   

Our Clients

JHTS works with many clients from many sectors, both nationally and internationally, including, but not limited to, statutory bodies, corporate bodies, universities, research houses, media companies, pharmaceutical companies, solicitors and barristers, students and individuals.

For reasons of confidentiality, we do not discuss or disclose our individual clients. You will find some testimonials from some of our clients on this site; some have chosen to remain anonymous but they all relate to projects we have completed with their contributors.

Our Transcription Team

All members of the hand-picked JHTS transcription team have UK or US English as their first language.  They are very flexible and client-focused, will do what it takes and will often work unsocial hours to get the job done.

We receive lots of applications to join the team every year, but very few meet our exacting standards. Typing speed is not particularly important but excellent listening skills and accuracy are, along with a mature and professional approach to the work, the ability to work to tight deadlines and, of course, excellent spelling and grasp of grammar.

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